You give technology purpose. I make it work for you!

I Like To Build Digital Solutions

Building One piece at at time.

Let's talk about your needs then work through solutions step-by-step.This approach leaves you feeling empowered as a tech user. You'll see.

Learn to use your tech See the love grow

Training and tutoring is a passion of mine. I know once you really learn to use the tech around you every interaction will be that much smoother.

Music to your ears

Smart-homes are the future but getting in early doesn't have to be expensive. Let me show you.

Working for You

I work hard for each client to make sure we get your technology working for you. From websites to smart-home solutions, I'm here to help.

Stop letting tech ruin your mood.

Web Design Solutions

Web design can vary depending on your needs. TNY makes it possible to have a professional (and responsive) site up and running for as little as $399.

For that, you get the website that looks great on laptops AND smartphones, one that is totally ready for our mobile world. Building a site for your business is only the beginning and I make it my goal to leave you prepared to take those next steps with confidence.

Pricing Details
Service Price Custom Site
Mod and Customize WP Theme of your choice. Total 5 pages 3 plugin scripts
$799.99 Site
WP hosted site customized to theme limitations (quickest turn around).
Custom Project Design Contact

Smart Home Design

A smarter home is more efficient and more entertaining. It helps you save money on heating and cooling. It awaits your instructions from smartphones and tablets. It's like the Jetsons (without the cool robot maid-sorry).

If you want to play your music in any room you visit or turn your heater up while still in bed A smarter home is what you need. It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated.

Pricing Details
Service Price
Basic Home Lighting and Package
( Dining room, Kitchen, Living room, Den with 2 scenes programed)
Full Home Lighting (Basic plus
3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 4 scenes programmed)
Custom Project Design Contact
(I bring the technical know-how,
you do the dirty work and save!)
D.I.Y.S (Do it yourself)
A 90 minute meeting followed by a detailed plan drafted just for you to execute.

Training & Consulting

I bring years of consulting experience to help make you feel more comfortable with technology. My goal is to help a business owner feel more empowered by the tech their business requires to stay competitive

For consumers, I bring in-home tutorials, structured multi-week lesson plans and more informal "coffee house sessions". Contact me to find out which solution fits your needs best.

Pricing Details
Service Price
On-site Business Consulting
Including: I.T. reviews, new software training, and additional consulting.
$75 /Hr
Hourly rate $75
5 Weeks (1.5 hours a week)
(save over $200)

It's the service after the service that matters.

After having all that work done the last thing you want to do is loose track of important documents. Sure, you can file them away but how often have we put something safely away only to loose track of it anyways?

TNY not only holds your job description, receipts, and contract (if applicable) safely within easy access for you, we do so much more. Can't remember exactly how to add a new widget to that custom Wordpress site? Login into your TNY account and find a pdf specifically focused on the job done for you with tips and tricks to help you along. We also collect pdf editions of all hardware installed and links to any manufacture site and supports for easy future refference.

It couldn't be easier, but it sure makes a HUGE difference!

About Me

"I'm a technology guy"

I love,really LOVE technology. My background, though, has the diversity that makes people my specialty along with tech. I have 10 years of one-on-one customer service and consulting experience. Before moving into tech full time I worked in finance as a wealth-manager. It was my job to take complex concepts and make them approachable for my clients. What I do now is quiet similar ,except I get to play with toys more often. I'm proficient in various levels of web-design but what matters to my clients is that I can explain what the technology in the life and business is doing for them. It's not only my mission to improve your business or household through technology but to make YOU more comfortable with your daily interactions with tech.


Worcester State: B.A. Communications
UMass Lowell: B.S. Information Technology
UMass Lowell: Certificate of Web Development

Have a job that I didn't describe above?

No problem. I love all things tech and can most likely help, Give me a call or contact me to see how I can help you or your business.

I love technology, Let me show you why.